A male and female ballerina dancing in the dark on a royal blue stage.

Photo of Lisset Santander and Jarrett Reimers in Christopher Wheeldon’s Fool’s Paradise.

I can’t fully imagine the courage it must take to leave the familiarity of your home country. Not only that, but then to re-establish yourself and thrive in your career. The first time I met Lisset was for BalletMet’s new dancer headshot day in 2016. Even though the dancers have been in the studio for a couple weeks, headshot day is always my first chance to meet and work with all the newcomers. You get to know a lot about someone when you take their headshots, and from that first day with her, I was sold. She’s stunning, funny, sweet, and strong.

I’m happy to see her featured in Dance Magazine’s article, “This Dancer Defected from Cuba and Relaunched Her Career in the U.S.