From his dapper bow tie to his stunning smile this kid has it down. This little guy has more style in his little finger than I’ll ever have. Being nine months old is pretty tough, but thankfully he’s got the drooling perfected and has learned to make us all swoon when he comes in the room.  His new favorite thing?  Blowing a noisy raspberry into the wind.  It’s even better when mom plants one on his cute little belly.


He’s also an aspiring beard grower and has taken to staring at and pulling at his dad’s masterpiece. I’m almost certain that in his baby babble he’s telling us all about the beard he’s going to have and how amazing it’s going to be.  Until then that baby soft skin is perfect for snuggling up to and stealing a kiss when he’s not expecting it.

Create the look

Pants are the Park Avenue Red corduroys by Ralph Lauren. His shirt is a long sleeve stripe shirt by Tommy Hilfiger. That bowtie is built just for a toddler by RuggedButts. The whole outfit comes together for just under $60.