‘Tis the season for PSL’s, hayrides, chunky-knit sweaters, hot apple cider, and so much more! While fall is a beloved season for many reasons, aesthetically speaking, it is a total goldmine for photography. If you are looking for some fall family photo inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! There are so many wonderful opportunities for unique and fun activity-based family pictures this time of the year. Here are my top 10 favorite ideas for fall family pictures that will help you to make the most of the season and leave you with captured memories that will last a lifetime.

1. Apple Orchard

family photos in apple orchard

Family portraits don’t have to be a stationary event. In fact, they can be an adventure! Heading to an apple orchard this time of year can provide a fun family outing as well as the perfect backdrop for your photos. Lynd’s Fruit Farm is a local favorite just outside of Columbus, and they even have an apple cannon! Since orchards do tend to get picked over, it’s a good idea to plan a trip as early in the season as possible. Every orchard is different, but Lynd’s allows for professional photography sessions and only charges the price of one bag of apples!

2. Pumpkin Patch

fall pumpkins family photo

Another great option would be to document your family’s annual hunt for the perfect pumpkin. Whether your kids go for the biggest pumpkin or the smallest, capturing the excitement in their eyes as they search and eventually make their selection will create very unique and candid shots. While Lynd’s has a fun pumpkin patch too, Freeman’s Farm is another great choice here in Ohio. Whether you go with either of these locations or another farm, this outdoor fall family photo idea is always a winner. Plus, you can enjoy some roasted pumpkin seeds while you go over your proofs from the shoot!

3. Hike Through the Woods


Do you and your family enjoy getting out into nature? If so, don’t be afraid to lace up those Merrell boots and grab a Carhartt beanie or two for an afternoon in one of your favorite metro parks. A hike opens up all sorts of spontaneous moments to capture your family enjoying nature, the day, and each other. Plus, layered hiking outfits are perfect for the season’s varying weather and will help to create multiple looks in your photos.

Side note: family photo outfits don’t need to be elaborate to look great!

4. Front Porch Photos

Front Porch Family Photos

Hey there, exterior designers! Are you always on top of seasonal decorations? Why not show it off in your fall family pictures this year? Taking your fall family photos at home has the added benefit of giving you easy access to your closet for any last-second wardrobe changes you may decide on during the day.

Want a little inspiration to spur your decorative ambitions? Work with your photographer to build a Pinterest mood board that nails down exactly what you’re looking for!

5. Seasonal Picnic


An outdoor fall family photo idea that doubles as lunch? Hard to beat that! Why not plan a rustic picnic with some crisp apple cider and glazed pumpkin donuts? Trust me… plenty of sweet, fun, and charmingly messy shots can come from a good picnic shoot! Just grab your blanket and basket and you are all set.

If you are in need of some themed decor, Marshall’s is a great place to find all things fall at a reasonable price!

6. Fall Leaf Pile

Fall Family Photo

When it comes to outdoor fall family photo ideas, no list would be complete without an iconic colorful leaf pile. Playing in the raked-up leaves is a great way to keep children enjoying themselves and interested in the shoot — which leads to great memories, candid shots, and a fun day for all. There is something truly magical about capturing the leaves suspended midair after they have been tossed high above the kiddos’ heads and have just begun to float back down.

7. Autumn Baby Milk Bath

IMG 0069 1

Granted, “Autumn Baby Milk Bath” may seem a likely fit for an indie rock marquee in Portland, OR. But if you have a little one, it could be an even better fit for your fall family pictures!

A fall-themed milk bath for your toddler is a super cute idea when you have a new addition to the family. Adding autumn bath accessories like marigold-colored soaps or a pumpkin candle is a special touch you can use to effortlessly bring out a sense of seasonal whimsy.

8. Wood Swing by the Trees

Fall Family Photos with a swing in the trees

A wood swing under the tree line of a pretty forest can set the vibe and atmosphere for a wonderful set of fall family photos. You can use the natural forest theme to your advantage here too.

When it comes to family portrait outfit ideas for this, you might try sweaters for the boys and sundresses for the ladies. If you get really ambitious, take a look at Harper’s Bazaar for some hair flower inspiration or try out this other lovely hair flower accessory for ladies!

9. Corn Maze

Fall Family Photos in a corn maze

There’s really no way to ring in autumn quite like navigating a corn maze with a little hot cider. Getting your blood moving and feeling the brisk fall air against your skin will put you and your family in a great headspace for some vibrant, seasonal shots.

10. Campfire & S’mores

backyard s'mores family photos

Who knew ooey gooey could make for such a GREAT bunch of photos?!? Make memories while you satisfy your sweet tooth with a classic dusk activity this autumn. Because no one should make it through fall family pictures without a few chocolatey outtakes, am I right?

Questions About Your Fall Family Pictures?

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have. Enjoy the season!