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Small Business Owner Conversation with Savannah Caines


Navigating the Lens in 2024: An Exclusive Conversation Between Small Business Owners Jennifer Zmuda and Savannah Caines

In the bustling world of small business ownership, the journey is as diverse as the individuals who embark on it. In this podcast episode, Jennifer Zmuda, the talented owner of Jennifer Zmuda Photography, engages in a captivating conversation with Savannah Caines from Ce Moment Photography. Together, they delve into the intricacies of wedding photography, the dynamics of collaborating with fellow vendors, essential tools that streamline their businesses, and the delicate balance of parenthood in the entrepreneurial realm.

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Content Creator: 3 Undeniably Great Reasons Why You Should Hire One On Retainer

As a small business owner and Content Creator myself, I understand how much time and energy it takes to not only get your business started but also the continual work that is required to keep it going and to see it flourish! It requires that you learn new skills and master business techniques that are […]

DIY Product Photography


5 Easy Tips To Help Take Your DIY Product Photography to the Next Level

I am here to support you at any stage of your business’s development, including helping you to get the best DIY product photography that you can! As a business owner myself, I remember starting out and needing to DIY everything, including things I had never done before. If this is you and you are currently […]

A couple getting married in the woods


Reflecting on 2022: What I am Thankful For

A Letter to My Clients and My Community: As 2022 comes to a close, I’m reminded of how much I have to be thankful for. I’m thankful for the families who let me share in their special moments, the dancers who allowed me to capture stunning images of their movements, and the businesses who included […]

A professional realtor headshot of a smiling woman with dark hair


3 Steps to Great Professional Realtor Headshots

Great realtor headshots and real estate agent team headshots are crucial to getting business in the industry. But why do they matter so much, and more importantly… how can you make sure you have the best photos possible? Benefits of Professional Headshots For Agents If you’re weighing the pros and cons of investing in professional […]

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Knowing When to Hire a Commercial Photographer

Hiring a commercial photographer for your small business or nonprofit photography needs is a key step. Here are some ways to tell if it's time yet.

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BalletMet Dancer Headshots

Commercial: Dancer Headshots Client: BalletMetScope of Work: Create company dancer headshots with a consistent style every season. Images are used on their website and with the dancer biography listings in the playbills. Each season BalletMet, through the audition process, gains new dancers in their professional company. On any given year they have 26 professional company […]

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6-1-Forte: An Updated Look

Commercial: Vocal Band Client: 6-1-ForteScope of Work: Create a portfolio of images for advertising and for use on their social media channels and website. 6-1-Forte is Columbus’ premiere Acapella band. When they launched back in 2017 we created their first set of images and videos. This time around we updated their look in preparation for […]

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Hisham’s Food Truck

Commercial: Food Client: Hisham’s Food TruckScope of Work: Create a portfolio of images for their menu, social media, and website. Hisham’s Food Truck launched their business in September of 2018. Specializing in Cape Malay South African food, the owners knew they would need delicious images to show their customers exactly what they would be ordering. […]

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Columbus Symphony Orchestra

Editorial: Donors & Musicians Client: Columbus Symphony OrchestraScope of Work: Create a portfolio of images to promote Kaleidoscope, their annual fundraising event. Images used on social media, website, and print. The Columbus Symphony Orchestra (CSO) holds an annual fundraising event and this year the theme was Kaleidoscope. CSO donors and musicians dressed up in their finest formal […]

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